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Time is worth so much, especially yours! Let me assist you in feeding more students healthy meals with less hassle and worry. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist focusing purely on school nutrition, I understand the daily struggle of managing staff, inventory, and compliance. I help many school districts create a seamless allergy management program for their team. With resources and trainings, I will come alongside you, and support your child nutrition programs, so you can hustle after expanding your program – and feeding more kiddos. 

Specialized Program

Direct Support

This program is tailored around you and your team! From the resources to recipes, we will manage your school district’s student allergies and special accommodations. The goal is to create an allergy program that fits your school district’s needs and relieves stress from you.

This is for you if:

  • Student Allergies and Accommodations are Complex
  • Your Staff Needs Training and Support
  • Menu Planning is Difficult, Time Consuming, and Blah 
  • You Want to More Time Building Robust Meal Programs

What’s included:

  • Specially-curated Allergy Management Process
  • Allergy Menu Development
  • Allergy Recipe Creation
  • School Calendar Year Long Support
Unique Program

Child Nutrition Resources

Looking to expand your school nutrition program, but don’t have trainings or resources ready? I have you covered for quick, easy trainings for your staff and resources to engage students in school nutrition. Nutrition education and marketing resources that students will love – and you will love seeing the participation increase!

This is for you if:

  • A New Service Model Needs Unique Marketing Strategies
  • Your Staff Needs More, Diverse Trainings
  • Student Engagement is Low
  • Meal Participation is not Meeting Your Goals

What’s included:

  • Personalized Resources and Trainings
  • Student-Focused Activities and Games
  • Tried and True Marketing Strategies
  • Innovative Strategies to Increase Meal Participation
Signature Program

Allergy Academy

With our signature program, you join a network of school districts working on allergy management processes. The Allergy Academy will prepare your team and set you up for success to create the best process (and how to share the information). You will have access to the Allergy Academy for the entire school year to ensure everyone on your team is ready to tackle the issues.

This is for you if:

  • You Don’t Know Where to Start with Student Allergies
  • You Feel Alone and Want Assistance in Creating Your Plan
  • Student Allergies and Accommodations are Overwhelming
  • Staff Training is Difficult with Turnover 

What’s included:

  • Training Modules for You and Your Staff
  • School-Specific Allergy Management Plan
  • Access to Staff Trainings for Retraining and Training New Hires
  • Professional Standard Continuing Education Credits
Client Successes

Breakfast in the Classroom Program Shining Example

Even when Tarrah worked at the local level, I had so much respect for her and what she was able to implement and do within the school districts that she oversaw. I can remember an Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) Field Specialist telling me about Tarrah’s breakfast in the classroom program at Beach Grove Community Schools and how it was a shining example of breakfast in the classroom for the state of Indiana.

- Sarah Kenworthy, Direct Support

Client Successes

Effective Trainer for Individuals

Tarrah has the ability to adapt her training material, methods, and class style based on the audience that she is presenting to, which makes her an effective trainer for individuals at all levels of experience and with various educational backgrounds. Tarrah has a strong passion for making sure all students have access to quality healthy meals. She displays this passion while helping others learn better ways to feed students

- Ellen Mason, Training

Client Successes

Vital Resource to School Districts

Tarrah is strategic, adaptable, and hard-working; she also cares deeply for the communities and students she serves, a fact that is evident to anyone who has the privilege of working with her. Tarrah has served as a vital resource to school districts across the state, especially over the past year during what has been a tremendously stressful and uncertain time.

- Erica Olmstead, Direct Support

Client Successes

Compliance Expertise

Westercamp Consulting is a vital part of our compliance process. Tarrah Westercamp's expertise helps me properly monitor the FSMC and to ensure that the relationship is successful for years to come.

- Rolland Abraham, Direct Support

Client Successes

Making Students Safer 

I have been working in an urban school district for over 16 years in various roles.  We have struggled with systems and communication processes to make sure that all students are able to be accommodated for their special dietary needs with very specific safeguards in place.  Tarrah worked with us and accomplished this in just a few short months.  There is no doubt in my mind that our students are safer because of Tarrah's work.  Tarrah was very professional and took the time to understand the issues and concerns and worked very quickly to improve our systems and processes.  I highly recommend working with Tarrah.

- Kari Stampfil, Lead School Nurse

Client Successes

Energy and Encouragement

Working with Tarrah was so refreshing! She brought an energy and encouragement to us that we needed to take the next steps in showcasing our breakfast program. When we saw the depth of the resources and the scope of ideas that Tarrah provided for us, we were amazed! The resources helped us immensely in planning Breakfast in the Classroom. All we had to do was add our own specific information and we had training materials ready to share with our school staff.

- Arletha Banks & Kristin Thompson, Holland Public Schools 

Client Successes

Streamlines Diet Modification

I wholeheartedly recommend Tarrah to any school district looking to streamline its diet modification processes.

- Christine Clarahan, Food Service Director, School City of Hammond

Client Successes

School Nutrition Industry Expert

Tarrah has been an amazing asset to our team and our school nutrition work. The school nutrition industry requires a special combination of regulatory knowledge, creativity, and an understanding of the varying needs of operators, administrators, students, and families - and Tarrah has each of these in spades. I most value Tarrah's knowledge of what's happening in the child nutrition industry, keeping up to date on trends and new regulatory issues, and helping us adapt our programs accordingly. Her industry knowledge and years of experience in the field mean the ideas she brings to the table are well-informed, compliant, and realistic.

- Whitney Bateson, Whitney Bateson Digital Strategies

Client Successes

Nutrition Leader

Tarrah is a valued colleague, business owner, and driven nutrition leader in Indiana. Where Tarrah goes, results follow.

- Josh Perkins, Food Service Director


Child Nutrition Services


Nutrition Education Game

Northarvest Bean Growers Association

Bean: Fact or Fiction, an action-packed game for third and fourth-grade students to learn more about beans! The program is a student-approved colossal hit.

Sports Nutrition Program

American Dairy Association Indiana

Taking the Performance Pack program to new heights, tools, marketing materials, and nutrition education lessons for middle and high school students are available to increase school breakfast participation.

Allergy Management

School City of Hammond Hammond, Indiana

Student allergies are managed through staff training modules, allergy menu development, and direct support. I work with the team directly so they can focus on feeding more kiddos healthy meals.

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