Here’s My Favorite Allergy-Friendly Food Products to Accommodate Students 

Students have more complex food allergies now than I have witnessed in my entire career. When creating allergy menus for my clients, there are many brands that are my favorites, but finding these brands can be a difficult task. We all want to serve kiddos healthy meals that they love. 

Before we start, let’s discuss procurement (I know – everyone’s favorite topic). As you may be aware (if not check here), there are specific procurement regulations school nutrition programs must follow. This includes requests for proposals and small purchase thresholds. Prior to running to your local store (or hopping on Amazon), make sure you follow the USDA regulations when procuring these specialty items. 

It is important to note that students with properly documented food allergies do need these types of products to have a complete, reimbursable meal. (Curious why I stated it like that? Click here)

Not an all-inclusive list, but these are the brands I search for first:

Annie’s Macaroni and Cheese

What kiddo doesn’t like macaroni and cheese? It’s hard to think of one. This is a great brand, and this specific option is gluten-free! The other gluten-free options are great too!

Siete Foods – Tortillas

Everyone wants to take part in Taco Tuesday! So why not provide students with this great gluten-free option? I personally love the almond flour tortillas.

Daiya – Cheese

One reason I love Daiya is the products are dairy, soy, and gluten-free. This is a win for the student and your school’s nutrition budget. 

Udi’s Breads

Grains are an important component of school meals. Therefore, finding quality products for students is imperative. Udi’s provides great products and variety!

Bell & Evans Chicken Nuggets

Finding chicken nuggets that can serve multiple students is ideal. These chicken nuggets are free from soy and gluten. Winner, winner chicken dinner (well lunch)!

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