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👋 I’m Tarrah

As a registered dietitian with a deep love for school nutrition, I want to help your school nutrition programs be the nutrition hub for your students and community. For over ten years, I have worked with school districts to increase meal participation, incorporate nutrition education, and invigorate the student experience.

My Approach

My first memory of school nutrition is during elementary school on chicken nugget day – I loved it! Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to witness the impact a healthy smile and meal make for many students in our country. 

Child nutrition is a rewarding career, but feeding students also bring many hats, never-ending tasks, and a lack of support. As a dietitian for several school districts in Indiana, I served meals with staff, prepared meals, managed students’ allergies, created nutrition education programs, followed up with parents and teachers, trained staff (and school staff!), and created marketing programs for our meal programs.

I know what it feels like to be exhausted and desire to do more – to make your program fun for students and seamless for staff. 

Allergy management continues to be an ever-evolving issue as more students have diverse combinations of allergies. For many school districts, the need for assistance with student allergy management is high on the list. I recently was diagnosed with a gluten allergy, and I understand the confusion and complexity of providing nutritious, exciting allergy menus for students. 

With experiences in various levels of school nutrition, I desire to assist your school district to accomplish your goals. My approach is to learn about your school district (or school), understand your areas of opportunities, and create a personalized plan that works for you. Once we draft a strategy, we will evaluate, problem-solve, and work together to assist your staff and students.


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Fun Facts

I bet you didn’t know:

I’m an instructor for Pure Barre Greenwood. I love a good lunge! 💪

I find tranquility in enjoying a view of a lake or mountain – there’s something about feeling small in this world. 🌄

I’m a sucker for a colorful school lunch taco bar. 🌮

Most of my favorite memories of working in school food service revolve around nutrition education – seeing student’s faces light up after tasting a new veggie 🥰

I love watching Seinfeld and Fraiser episodes with my husband, John. Laughing is my favorite. 🤣


My unique set of skills

10 years of experience in school nutrition programs from state agencies to school districts

Manage over $1,000,000 in school nutrition grant monies

Created a nutrition education and marketing program that significantly increased Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) participation – won the “Innovations of Nutrition and Dietetics” Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics poster award for the program

SNF Succeed to LEAD Trainer

Holds the SNS credential from the School Nutrition Association

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